I started my career having been involved in the residential and commercial building industry 31 years ago managing a lumber and hardware company. The Ace Hardware and Lumber Company supplied materials for the residential, commercial, shipbuilding, and offshore marine markets. My education of offshore marine vessels and offshore living quarters started with my material estimating and take offs for these projects with the lumberyard. I continued my involvement in the offshore market with my employment in an offshore fabrication company where I estimated and managed the construction of offshore living quarters for Shell and Mobil offshore production platforms.

15 Years ago in April of 1993, I entered into the marine construction market with a small group of 8 loyal employees working from a small four room office. We quickly grew and in our first five years in business we outfitted 10 new Casino Vessel Interiors, 1 new Dinner Cruise Ship for Washington DC, and preformed Interior Retrofits for 2 Casino Vessels.
For the past 10 years we have concentrated on the Commercial Marine Market and have become very specialized with Engineering and Fabrication/Installations for SOLAS Interiors as well as the Engineering and Fabrication/Installations for Lightweight Composite interiors of High Speed Vessel Projects. We have also provided our interior finish services for a number of private yachts and commercial dive yachts as well.

"We are very proud of our commitment to the consistent updating of our in-house manufacturing facility allowing us to provide our field crews with some of the industries finest casework and furniture. I look forward to maintaining and better serving our present client relationships and to the development of new opportunities with future clients." Mark A. Robicheaux